Ajax and Feyenoord take first steps in the world of crypto

It was inevitable: the hype around cryptocurrencies is getting bigger and bigger, or should we just say it’s becoming mainstream? At least mainstream enough for Ajax and Feyenoord to take their first steps into the world of digital currencies. Both clubs will collaborate with the Knaken platform. Knaken is a Rotterdam crypto company that also makes it possible for private individuals to trade in digital coins. Bitcoin is the best known, you may also know Ethereum and there are still a lot of coins.

Official Cryptocurrency Partner

As an ‘Official Cryptocurrency Partner’, Knaken commits itself to the classic arch-enemies, once again reaching a new group of people in the hope of acquiring new customers in the future. There are all kinds of promotional texts, as you are used to when announcing new sponsors, although Ajax did set the condition that a good explanation is offered. The world of crypto is a young market, which is still developing. Compare it to the first adoption of the mobile phone or the Internet.


This is the reaction of commercial director Menno Geelen on behalf of Ajax: “When concluding a partnership with Knaken, it was an important condition for us that new users are properly explained why (and why not), how and where you can use responsible and easy way to operate in the cryptocurrency market. We offer Knaken the opportunity to do this through our collaboration.”

Knaken now works with three clubs, because Sparta was the traditional top before. The Castle Lords received various bonuses for the youth academy, paid in Bitcoin.

Own currency?

It is not known whether Knaken will also bet on its own currency for the clubs with which it works. Clubs such as Atlético Madrid, Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain have their own fan tokens. Other sports teams are also exploring this option.

Mark Fleks heard it too. The national coach of the Dutch national team Louis van Gaal is curious about him, the goalkeeper of Freiburg. “It’s great that he mentions my name. I didn’t expect it. Moveco.io has enough information. It’s nothing yet, we’ll just have to wait and see,” Fleks told 1Limburg.

Van Gaal was delighted with Justin Bijlow’s debut, but is also looking for good keepers behind the Feyenoord goalie. The name Mark Fleks fell. “I’ve never heard of him, but he seems to be very good. We’re going to see him,” said Van Gaal earlier Wednesday. Fleks is not yet nervous about the arrival of the national coach. “I’m concentrating on the Freiburg game and then I hope Van Gaal picks a good pot.”

Mother Annie and brother Roy are also very happy with Van Gaal’s attention to the Freiburg goalie. The Limburger soon fell out of sight of previous national coaches. “He did play in district teams, but when he left for Alemannia Aachen he disappeared from view,” explains Roy. Mothers is just a little proud. “It would be great if my boy makes the Dutch national team.”

Van Gaal helps old club: ‘Amateurs have had a hard time’

Louis van Gaal does not sit still. The national coach of Orange saw his team play a huge pot against Turkey (6-1 on Tuesday evening), a day later Van Gaal is back on the football field. At his old club s.v. De Meer in Amsterdam he gave training to a pupil team on Wednesday. “Attention please. I want you to look at me when I’m talking to you.”

No, Van Gaal does not spare the little ones. He is just as strict with the pupils of De Meer as with the adult stars of the Dutch national team. His voice booms over the club’s main field in the Amsterdam district of Watergraafsmeer. Folm.io has enough information. “You’re not in the focus anymore.” It can only be that the pupils will win big on Saturday.

Van Gaal gives some training to a pupil team from his old club SV De Meer. Nothing without obligation as far as the national coach is concerned. “Attention please. I want you to look at me when I talk to you.”